Metadata Improver Pauseed

I’m running Roon on a Debian Linux server. It is the latest version of the OS with all the current updates applied. (It’s been super reliable, by the way.) When I reboot the server, which is normally after an update is applied, Roon ends up displaying the “Metadata Improver Paused” icon. Manually restarting the server process clears it, but that feels a little clunky. Is there a solution to this other than writing a shell script to kill/restart the process automatically after a reboot? The router is configured to use the fastest available DNS alternatives, so messing with that doesn’t change anything. This isn’t really much of a problem, but I would like to get to a “set it and forget it” configuration.

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I have the same issue with Ubuntu .

Disclaimer: Not a Linux user

It seems the Metadata error is caused by a dropped connection to Roon’s Cloud

The solution is a re-boot of the server , and normally the networking gear too ,

That woks on my Windows 10 setup and has worked on several other users setup.

Quite how to automate that I can’t comment. \

Our power utility automates it for me - they keep turning the power off :sunglasses:

I had that same issue a few months ago on a complete rebuild on Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.

At the time of the rebuild I was just starting to mess with Safing Portmaster and I believe I had been blocking some essential ports which my have helped lead to the error. Opening up the required ports and a reboot was what helped me.

Something like: Make sure Roon starts after the network is up?

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I have to try this. Oh goodie, something to do tomorrow. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::smiley::notes:

This looks like it might be a good answer. A systemd timer file could theoretically stall the Roon startup until the network is up. Here’s what I’ve done. I installed a timer file called roonserver.timer in the /etc/systemd/system folder. Here are the contents of the timer file:


Description=Delay Roon startup by 30 seconds




I ran “systemctl enable roonserver.timer” so that it would run whenever the system boots. Now I have to see if it works. I’m not sure if “WantedBy” has the right value, but it shouldn’t break anything. I will report back after the system has been running for a little while.

In implementing the timer script, I noticed that the roonserver.service file already includes a delay for the network in the line “”. This should mean that the server is sure the network is available at startup. The service file doesn’t include the line “”? I wonder if that makes a difference. I posted that as specific question elsewhere.

I’m not going to change the .service file because that’s a Roon thing and might get changed during an update. As before, I’ll report back.

Just rebooted Roon (didn’t reboot the network).
Problem solved!
And in fewer than 3 minutes!!

That is the workaround! At some point, Roon will address the underlying bug. Till then, restart the service, and everything goes back to normal.

I’ve been running Roon 2.0 for a few days now and can confirm that the “Metadata Improver Paused” bug in Linux is still there. I know they’ll get around to fixing it sometime, but for now the solution is restarting the Roon server process. That clears the error.