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Description Of Issue
I am a long time Roon user. Today, out of nowhere, a little red triangle appeared on my iPad when I launched the app. It is telling me that “Roon needs an update as the meta data improver has been halted”.

I have the latest software on both the iPad and the core Mac mini. Not sure how to get rid of this red triangle. I have restarted all machines and software.

Please help… thanks

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Hello @Mark_Wexler,

Could you please provide some more information regarding your Core? What model mac mini is it? From what year?

Please provide your network setup information (model/manufacturer) as well, as we are looking into reports of this issue and believe this might be networking-related. Do you have any VPNs/VOIP apps on your network?

Thank you for the quick response.
As a reference, it is a late2014 Mac mini. 2.8 GHz i5. 16 GB RAM
Network is wireless through Xfinity (Comcast). With latest router.

I spent a lot of time last night and this morning trying to figure this out and have come up with the solution. In addition to my raid storage I also had a 4tb drive connected and mounted on the desk top. Using for a duplicate backup for all the ripped CDs. When I unmounted this drive, the problem went away. Not sure why this drive would trigger the “triangle” but at least it disappeared from my core and iPad.

If you have any suggestions please let me know. If not, thanks again for your quick response.

Hi @Mark_Wexler,

It does sound very strange that unmounting the drive resolved this behavior, but do let us know if it re-occurs and we can take another look, thanks!

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