“Metadata Improver”

image Using Nucleus Plus. Have not had problems in the past. Restarted everything, no difference. Has anyone seen this before? How do I fix?


Hi, did that include all your network equipment?

Yes I rebooted everything.This was very disruptive. But the only thing that worked in the end was to log out the Nucleus+ from my Roon account and re-login. Even rebooting the Nucleus+ did nothing prior to that. I have a lifetime license so it should not be a license issue. I am a huge fan of Roon. Use it every day. But Roon tends to be fragile software and do odd things like I experienced without warning.

It’s amazing to me that Roon tech support would not suggest this simple fix of logging out of my Roon account and logging back in.

Hello @Ivor_Benjamin, I’m glad things are working again! We’ve seen the majority of these reports resolved by rebooting the core and sometimes the network. If the message returns, please let us know!

Actually, I found the problem. I use Cisco web content filtering. This is sourced from Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence. On 10/5/20 I noticed that the URL “Accounts5.Roonlabs.com” was allocated to the “Cult and Occult” website classification which I had blocked on my network. Weird because other URLs like “www.roonlabs.com” were appropriately in the “Computer and Internet Info” category. I opened a change request ticket with them and they reclassified “Accounts5.Roonlabs.com” into the Computer and Internet Info category. This SOLVED the problem. I suggest that Roon Labs makes sure that databases like Webroot BrightCloud appropriately characterize ALL of your URLs. Perhaps proactively submit them to these databases for inclusion.

Happy now that this nagging problem has been fixed. Thanks for making Roon such a great product.

Thanks for the followup here, @Ivor_Benjamin! I’m happy to hear that the issue is resolved and that you were able to get the classifications changed. We are passing along this feedback to the QA team so we can make sure issues like this don’t occur in the future.

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