Metadata Issues with SACD

I am finding that tons of Analogue Production SACD’s are missing from the version selector of albums. As just one of many examples, the 2014 remaster of Coltrane Lush Life is not in your database. There many versions listed, but not this one.

But are tons of other SACDs missing from Roon. To whom can I address a list of missing data?

Hi @Mark_Somerstein — Thanks for reaching out on this! Right now it’s not possible to display these other editions of the album, but I’ve passed your feedback along to the team about this. We’ve created a ticket to investigate what we can do better here in the future.

The feedback is appreciated!

Thanks. I think you can easily fix this. There are tons of albums where Roon provides a choice of alternative releases versions. Many albums have a lot of choices. Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here has like 25 choices. And there are many albums where I can tell Roon that my version is, for example, the MFSL SACD. I find that Roon is missing SACD big time. And all of this information is in discogs and other databases. I think Roon should improve SACD or let me import data for an SACD by letting me link or import discogs data.

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