Metadata loading excruciatingly slow

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Rock latest build

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Description Of Issue

Constantly getting Roon bouncing logos on all remotes when navigating artist, sections of the display as its not loading in the discover recommendations etc quickly enough taking 30+ to a minute in some cases.

Discography also slow to load.

All was fine as been on beta except for the odd time it gets stuck now it’s constantly. I assume this is your cloud servers not coping with the extra demand. Not a great start to launch. Networks fine and streaning from Roon/Qobuz without issues.

Same problem here. Was fine after upgrade for a short while. Now experiencing same delays with metadata and discography.

Yes I agree. Initially it was fine but now slow.

Metadata servers are under extremely heavy load right now, our team is working on getting things stable but it’s going to take some time. Hang tight!

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This is still happening 12 hours on, in the UK. So I take it this work is still ongoing?

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Just tried mine (I’m in the UK) and it’s back to normal now. No delay on loading metadata or discographies.

Just the same problem here. Was fine just after the update, but now VERY slow.

Seems to have picked up a bit.

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