Metadata Mapping To ID Tag - Where Is The Master Mapping List?

It does not appear that my particular issue / concern has been asked before…so here goes.

While there is information on the Metadata Model ( and some Best Practices (, what I cannot find is the entire (or significant portion) of the Metadata Model and how this maps to ID3 Tags, so that I can tag items like the following so I do not have to continue to re-edit everything in Roon.

  • Live Album
  • Bootleg Album
  • Compilation
  • Explicit Lyrics
  • Live Track
  • Recording Start / End Date (using a tag of “Recording Start Date” will not work)
  • Album Type

For example, the ID3 Tag “Barcode” Roon will automatically map to “Product Code”, so some of the Metadata Model “Field” names if used as ID3 Tag names will map automatically by Roon, but a number of others will not.

What I am looking for is the equivalent of the Metadata Model help page tables with an additional column for “ID3 Tag Name”.

Any insight / assistance is appreciated.

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