Metadata of album White Pony by Deftones is wrong

Dear Roon Team,

the metadata of the album White Pony by Deftones is wrong.
It starts with the song "Back to School (Mini Maggit). All other songs one down.

I noticed that last week, I just went ahead and manually edited the Track names.

I tried. But than the lyrics messed up.

Ahh, good point

Hi @Marc_Haberberger — Thanks for reaching out!

This feedback has been passed along to our team so we can investigate how we can do better here in the future. Your report is appreciated!

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Hello. It is still wrong :slight_smile:

It is messed up depending on which of the 5 versions you are talking about. “Back to School (Mini Maggot)” is only the first song on the Re-issue with the white cover or the blue cover. It is not on the original version with the gray cover or the special edition version with either the red or black cover. Roon seems to only have metadata for the original version. Even the Qobuz versions are wrong. Thats weird.

Hi @Marc_Haberberger,

We have a ticket open with our development team about this. This is a bit more of an involved change than a typical metadata fixed, but once finished this entire class of issue (not just this one report) should be resolved. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work on this!

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Hi @Marc_Haberberger. Please would you verify whether or not this is now fixed?