Metadata on operas

I am having an issue with most of my “identified” opera recordings. The titles shown for the album in Roon usually do not reflect the correct Act, Scene etc. I am very meticulous about identifying tracks in my database, but I can’t get that information to reflect in Roon. I have tried editing the metadata for individual tracks with “Prefer File”. This corrects the track info when it is being played, but the list of tracks to be played remains incorrect.

Is there any way to correct this? Can a previously “Identified” album be changed to “Unidentified” forcing Roon to use my metadata?

I just figured out how to “Unidentify” an album. However, the primary issue remains.

HIya Ron, Operas are particularly tricky. Heck, I can’t even get a good identification on Solti’s Ring. I"ve been compiling a list of operas I own that are affected and trying to come up with some suggestions as to how we should see the opera meta-data.