Metadata on second output device

Last night I downloaded the Roon software on an Intel NUC running Windows 10, which is connected to my home theater system. I had no trouble setting up the software. Everything worked perfect. Today I downloaded the Roon app on my IPhone and configured Roon to output through a BlueSound Node 2, which is connected to a second (smaller) home theater system. I had no trouble configuring the Roon app to play through the Node 2; however, I would also like to have the metadata displayed on the second home theater system? Is this possible through Roon, or should I look into apps that allow my TV monitor to mirror my IPhone?
I suspect that this question has been addressed multiple times before, however I am very new to the site and was unable to locate the answer. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Gerry,

I tried your idea on my Anthem AVR. I was listening to Roon through an analog input from my IQAudio Raspberry Pi DAC. I used my Apple TV as a video only source (Anthem can be set up with different video and audio sources) and I mirrored my iPad to the Apple TV.

I have to say I wasn’t impressed with the result. The IPad screen didn’t cover the full width of the tv screen. It works, but it’s not very elegant.

Since the iPhone app for Roon is portrait, it would not look good mirrored.

I would test it if you can before committing and money to a mirroring option.

I’m no expert with this, but those were my findings. Maybe someone else has another suggestion.

Cheers, Greg