Metadata-only libraries

Thanks a lot for Roon. I just finished my trial and I’m already deep down the rabbit hole with a NUC and two Pi4s. Love it.

Question regard libraries. Adding albums from Tidal is like a meta data only library, right? Do I lose this if I switch to Qobuz in the future? Is it possible to add my ancient mp3 folder (I prefer the streaming versions anyways) as meta data only?

Have a search through the Forum for posts on Soundiiz. Many folks have used this to transfer their Tidal favourites across to Qobuz.

With regards to your mp3 folder, I don’t believe it is possible to just use the metadata from this in Roon’s database, I’ve never seen this discussed in the forum.

Thanks Geoff, got it. Soundiiz looks great and I should be able to import the mp3 folder as playlist to Tidal. I didn’t realize that the Roon library is synced with Tidal Favorites.

You’ll lose things like your tags, play counts and custom edits if you swap one streaming service for another.

Thanks both, Soundiiz worked well and imported all my albums and they now show up in Roon. All I need.

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