Metadata painfully to slow to load again this weekend

Roon Core Machine

Rock 16gb ram 7i7 cpu

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Unifi ethernet and WiFi

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Remotes only

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Description of Issue

Loading albums and artis bios has been hit and miss with speeds since Friday and has been not great overall for a few weeks. About 15 mins ago taking about 1min+ to load an artist bio. Then it’s back to being reasonably snappy. Music playing through out just searching is slow. This is across any remote wired or wireless. Please check your metadata servers have been functioning correctly as this always points to them under performing from past issues. Many others have had issues with playing Qobuz via Roon tonight so not just me having issues.

Hey @Simon_Arnold3,

Thanks a lot for bringing this up — we’re very sorry about the experience… it is exactly what you do not want when you set out to listen to music.

You mentioned it being worse this weekend, but, what about now? Could you please offer an example?

Been fine during this week so far but not used Roon much top busy with work It’s always from Friday when it’s at it’s worst which points to higher loads on your services. But it can hit at any time. I am not the only user to have had such issues either. It’s always the metadata, music as I said will play without any issues when you get to a page you can play from of course. Looking at logs I can see slow response times to database queries when it happens.