Metadata problems

I updated to v 1.7 and suddenly a bunch of albums have lost their meta data. Album cover is generic, and in one or two cases the album data was just wrong. Most of these were originally Mercury Living Presences from the collectors boxed sets. I have to go in and fix every one. This is complicated but he fact that i have 150 “new to me” albums and without puling every one and looking it up, i don’t actually know what they are. total PITA.

I’ll get through some of this by brute force, but i’ll also note that Roon is not being my friend when i try to search - even sorting on recent - it only goes back “so far” and then I’m searching for needles in a haystack.

Its also unclear why, when Roon tried ot match albums, it gets many suggestions so wrong. How can it not read the basic tracks and match them to something close? Seems to be a problem to me.

Help in how to handle this appreciated.


Hi @Just_Me,

Since experiencing this have you tried rebooting your Core machine?

Can you share a screenshot of the following:

  • Settings > Storage
  • Settings > Library > Clean Up Library


For a product that sells itself on the rich user experience, I’m getting very frustrated with Roon. For example, i wanted to explore a bunch of Beethoven works. I have ripped literally hundreds of disks int he last months, many of which i am not familiar with. So i need to start with simple searches.

First, i get multiple matches for Beethoven. Is Roon unaware that “Beethoven, Ludvig” is the same as “Beethoven L, [dates]”?

Next, and here’s the really bad part, it fails to bring up full half the matches. Only if “Beethoven” is in the album’s name does it come up, and even then sometimes not. If it is a pieces on a multiple piece performance from some artist, i don’t see it. This frankly, is a step backwards from itunes (yikes!) where I can at least Boolean search the database (out of iTunes if need be).


(note it is possible that some of this is related to my other request re: data lost in the upgrade to 1.7)

Hi @Just_Me — I merged your other post over here as it might be related. Let’s solve your first problem and then we can move on to the next if the first doesn’t resolve things for you.


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