Metadata Qobuz not transfered to Roon

I favoured the boxset Mozart 225 Complete Duo’s to Roon Duos On Qobuz the metadata are correct. In Roon it is really a mess. No work titles, no kv-numbers. Just plain tracknames like adagio etc. But that’s all. Not workable at all.

Is it because this set is poorly in When |Roon can’t get the correct metadata from Allmusic why she isn’t using Qobuzzes?

Have you let Roon identify the album?

Yes, but no difference. I checked on, and there is the album without data at all. Would be nice if Roon could use metadata from Qobuz.

And the same for box sets Complete Quartets and Complete Quintets.
Well, I could buy them. But what if Roon is also picking no metadata from the downloads? Wouldn’t be suprised.