Metadata query on what's playing on a Bridge


I have a Linux PC setup as a Core
I have a Raspberry Pi with an IQaudIO DAC setup as a Bridge. I am using the IQaudIO Roon image, which apparently has a custom binary for RAAT.

I have an LCDProc server on the network, with a 24x2 VFD display, currently used for Kodi display.

I’d like to be able to extract a few items of info about the currently playing track on the Bridge:

  • Artist
  • Title
  • Current track time
  • Total track time
  • File Format
  • Bit Depth
  • Sampling frequency

(I can get and interpret Bit Depth and sampling freq by parsing ALSA info, but it’s limited)

I would then script a new LCDproc screen with that info.

I know that the API is planned for a subsequent release, but it appears that Bryston is currently displaying that sort of info on the screen of its BDP-Pi. Is that a temporary custom job only available to partners?



The Roon API will enable you to do what you want, and is coming Roon 1.3. I think your best bet is going to be to wait until then–there isn’t really another clean way to do it.

The mechanism Bryston (and other Roon Ready partners) using is part of the RAAT SDK. Compared to the API, that mechanism is more limited and more narrowly directed at connecting up hardware buttons/screens. We don’t currently have plans to open this to the public.

No worries, I’ll wait.

Thanks Brian!