Metadata Questions and a Comment or Two

Feel free to swing at any of the following:

  • The Metadata KB lists “Form” as a Roon or Edit variable. Where might one edit this tag?
  • About one-third of my classical Compositions have no Form. What can I do about that?
  • If I found an app that allowed edits to the FORM tag, would Roon read and act on that file data? Same question for Period and Instrumentation.
  • Would it be useful to Roon for users to supply an extended list of possible keywords and tags for the Form tag to reduce the no-tag rate? Or is this an area already slated for improvement internally?
  • Is there any way other than the album route to link up rich metadata? Example, I have Beethoven’s Fifth on an otherwise unidentified album? Any way to at least force it to recognize the symphony if not the album?
  • Here’s one inconsistency I’ve found in the Period tag:

    Note Symphony 4. Should we report these? Or can we edit ourselves?
  • Is there any metadata that is not rich? [rhetorical; mild humor]

Finally, a note to the Roon people. If I had to read posts like this all day long, I might be inclined to think that this was one RAATY piece of software (:wink:). Quite the contrary. If Roon were bad, your BB would be dead.

Others and I love this software; just trying to make it better. Hope you keep that in mind.

if you maintain your WORK and PART tags (you may need to create them with your preferred Tagging Software), Roon will try to match it to existing compositions in your library. It is very likely that it will find match for Beethovens op.67 :wink:

As far as Form is concerned, I am not aware of any tag mapping that Roon offers here at the moment. It’s not a very well populated field at the moment…

Klaus, aha! So there is a way; excellent. Followup: every track gets “WORK= Beethoven 5th” (shorthand here); then each track gets is own PART label; e.g. PART = IV. Allegro.

On the right track? Many thanks for this tip.

yep - this it how it’s supposed to look - just ignore the fact that I am maintaining my work names in german…


That’s a screenshot from mp3tag

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Klaus were Part and Work columns a custom job in mp3taagher?