Metadata revisited

Let’s say that before adding albums to roon, you have already had it professionally ripped and it has additional information for every album say, label and album catalog number and in addition each track is labeled by composer. Every box set is labeled according to roon standards. (Which of the labeling box set labels is most appropriate for over 100 discs in a box set?) Will the additional data get stripped off the files when added to Roon, or will it still be there, but hidden? Will a search for a composer bring up all the tracks by that composer?



Hi @lee_beville,

To make sure that box sets are properly identified, please see this article about the best structure to use in Roon.

Generally, you can determine whether Roon data is displayed or file tag info is displayed by modifying the settings in Settings | Library | Import Settings.

If you’re referring to the actual file tags on the files, these are not changed in any way.

If you want to view all compositions by a certain composer, the best option is to use the Composer browser.

Additionally, you can use the Compositions browser and filter by Composer.

Thank you. If we have the discs ripped with a different company than Roon uses will the metadata clean up by the other firm be used preferentially or will it be replaced by the Roon data? If the other company has more disc album covers will they be preferentially displayed too?


Hi @lee_beville,

You can modify which data is preferred in Settings | Library | Import Settings.

You can prefer file artwork over Roon artwork, but note that this is per album only — If there are multiple discs in a set other art isn’t displayed for those other discs.