Metadata Roon for LP's

I am actually not ripping LP’s, but I own a lot of box-sets of (usually) classical music (DG, Decca, Warner Classical, etc.). Some of these boxes are structured as original jacket albums, i.e. the CD looks identical to the original vinyl LP release. Very often these boxsets are not organised as original jackets, but regrouped.

A lot of these albums in boxsets have never been released as single CD or as a single download.

I love to use metadata as if they were from the their original LP’s (including the LP cover). In JRiver it rebuilt those LP’s manually in the JRiver library. Roon metadata library does not contain LP’s (i.e. LP’s not re-released as single CD’s (yet)). Any suggestions here.? Basic question: Can Roon add metadata from LP’s to its library. Given all the interest in vinyl and original covers, the information should be available.


Hi @PaulSARenaud.

Our metadata database already does include some metadata for LPs from Rovi and MusicBrainz; and we are currently working on a new metadata system which will allow us to integrate other metadata databases including, for example, Discogs, which covers a huge number of LPs.

At the moment, the system is designed to give you the most comprehensive metadata for every album, so there are times when Roon is opting to use CD release metadata where we have less detailed information about the vinyl releases.

Improving how we deal with cases like this is one of a number of long-standing improvements we’ll be delivering with the new system – it’s a bit project, so I don’t have any time frame for when it will go live, but we are working on it every day. Hope that helps!


Will this allow more flexibility for individual art work for individual CDs in a box set?

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That is the idea. Recreate the original LP experience. You can do it all manually in Roon, but that require a lot of time and patience.