Metadata updater paused

Core Machine

NUC 10 i7

Network Details

Ethernet, various switches

Audio Devices

Elac Discovery Z3 Ethernet as endpoint
Elac Discovery 101 Music server Ethernet as endpoint
Onkyo 740 Receiver Ethernet as endpoint via Chromecast
Raspberry Pi4 with Digi+ hat as endpoint
Rasberry Pi 4 with Ropieee as endpoint with a USB Denon DAC 300
Raspberry Pi 4 with Ropieee as endpoint integrated I2S to Audiophonics dual ESS 9038 DAC

Library Size

12000 tracks

Description of Issue

Metadata update paused after updated to latest Roon version. Signing off/on or restart of core w/o result.

Solved itself for unknown reasons during the day.

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