Metadata + Valence = Win/Win

Now might be a good time to take the power of Valence to the next level by using Valance to bring some order to the messy world of metadata. Now please understand that I’m not privy to the behind the scenes way that Valence works so these suggestions may not be possible so just consider this a bit of brainstorming.

Here are few examples:

Valence applied to the lyrics function:

Right now the lyrics appear to be tied to the album that the song (whose lyrics one would like to see) appears on rather than the song itself. For example the Grateful Dead’s song “Box of Rain” has lyrics available for some of the versions in my Roon library but not for others even though the versions of the song are exactly the same. Why can’t Valence be used to compare the various versions of the song and add the lyrics to all the identical versions of the song?

Valence applied to the Credits function:

Case 1:

Right now Credits appear to be tied to whether the album is identified by Roon and the metadata Roon retrieves for the album. File tag credit information, if it exists, is used when the album is unidentified. Use Valence to combine the two sources of credits and build up rather than tear down the information.

Case 2:

Again going back to the Grateful Dead, the credits are available for the handful of identified Grateful Dead releases but for unidentified releases the credits are missing even though some simple logic would be able to fathom that the credits may be the same for the unidentified release of the first night of a five night run of shows as they are for the identified release second night of the run.