Metadata value [unknown] in build 29


there are some strange things going on here since I installed build 29. I completely cleared my library before installing build 29 because I wanted to use my music versions with highly groomed metadata.

What I realized are that there are a lot more albums not identified now, there are now about 108, before with build 21 there were about 40 or so as far as I remember and most of them were personal mixes, so that was ok.

But what’s more of interest for me, it seems that there is more metadata now pulled from the tracks if it is there?!?

And I have cases where now I have [unknown] in the credits of an album. There is no such tag value in my tags, if there is no value the tag is not there normally.

See here a screenshot with [unknown] in Composer and Lyricist.

Also in the album credits there are 2 remixers mentioned which is correct but in the tracks they are not mentioned, just in the tracknames…

Would be great to get some analysis on that, thanks!

Oh I really picked one here, I just used the inspector for looking for composers with [unknown], it’s only this one album, so this seems to be no big issue here except a special case.

But the remixers question is still of interest.

This just looks like less-than-great data, sadly. You can see the “Unknown” composer thing here, too. :disappointed:

It actually appears to be a convention they use for a very specific purpose, so I’m going to look into whether we can handle this better. Good find.

Unsure about the Remixer thing – is it the same album?

@mike : Yes, it is the same album, on CD2