Metadate Improver Halted: Has anyone else seen this error?

Added some new FLAC files and Roon started indexing them. I decided to click on the spinner to see how the progress was going and I saw this.

Has anyone else seen this. This is on v1.7 Build 537 using ROCK with remote on Windows 10

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On top of that…the indexing is taking way longer than usual.

I had the same problem as you… took two days.
Then I get this:

I basically have a lot of “corrupted” tracks, but they’re actually working perfectly… I don’t know what to say.

Have you tried to re-analyze those tracks? Could be that Roon got somehow interrupted during analysis.

A re-analysis may cure this; three dot menu > edit > re-analyze track, or via the edit button for multiple selected tracks – well, I don’t know the Italian user interface, but you’ll find it, I’m sure.

doing as you said fix my album, the problem is that I have 9860 albums and I don’t see an automatic way to make them all do it… am I blind?

You can select more than one album at a time, click Edit and then re-analyze. Try right clicking two albums and you’ll notice that in the top left corner it show 2 selected. I would try it in small batches first to see if it is correcting your issue.

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Alternatively, in “Tracks”, you could Focus on “Inspector > Corrupt” tracks and then re-analyze all those.


Hello @Eric_Josue,

Could you please reboot your machine and get back into Roon to see if the message is still there? Please let me know.

Sorry for the delayed reply. I ended up rebooting the ROCK server and then re-scanning my library. I didn’t see the error occur again. Thank you!


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