Metal music discussion 🤘 [2021-01]

You are right on both counts.
I saw the women on the cover and thought this was the woman only band you referred to a few weeks ago. I am hoping that that throaty voice on some of those tracks is not one of those ladies though :grin:

So only 3 degrees separations between many of these bands.

The growling comes from one of these ladies. :cold_sweat:

Another woman only band, Crucified Barbara. But thats more Rock than Metal.

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Im not sure if I want to choose to believe that :joy:

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If you know their names, maybe you do: Marydeath, SatAnica, Hell’n, Bitchie and Anni De Vil

While we are on the subject of growling “ladies”…

I picked this up dirt cheap on vinyl at our LRS a few months back…

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That reminds me to America got talents. There was a little girl about 6 years old. in a pink dress. Her brother on the drums. And she was growling like crazy. Nobody believed in the first moment that she was actually doing it.

If I’m not wrong, the lady from Ancient Bards also used to growl. I saw them once life, but I’m not sure if I remember the name correctly.

Sorry I don’t. I don’t want to pick out the growler either :grin:

This one :grinning:


:rofl: (ten chars)

Makes me wonder though as to what parents would allow their 6 year old to even listen to never mind “sing” Black Metal.


Who could possibly think that was a good idea :grin::joy:
At least start to them at 7

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There is another album as far as Tidal is concerned
Not sure it’s the same band as the style is so different. Funnily enough it’s also really good… ‘You can’t darken the light but you can lighten the dark’

This one v good production and drums

An Angry Metal Guy recommendation from a couple of years ago


By the way I love that someone called out 666 posts… and was clearly waiting for it :rofl:

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Thanks for reminding about Sermon, I read that review but forgot to add it to my collection and never listened it. I will listen this tomorrow in more detail but based on first tracks it sounds very promising prog metal!

I think those who like Soen could also like this. For me this actually sounds more interesting…

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Well, let’s be honest here - if the Butcher Babies were not Playboy models, they would probably be playing in their backyards and little else. Their music is as irrelevant as any other outfit that prioritizes visuals over composition.

I see Sermon playing in Eindhoven in March
Maybe some new material is due
March seems a bit optimistic maybe…

I think probably a few months to early sadly.

No way in March. Same here, I am very doubtful of Helloween concert in May.

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