Metatags not working properly on 1.8

I’ve noticed another very unfortunate bug on the latest version of 1.8, namely: the metatags are not being fully listed. For example, if I click on “Max Norman” as producer of Megadeth’s “Countdown To Extinction,” then I only get a partial set of results for his production work. Megadeth is nowhere to be found (I get 14 results, when in fact there should be around 100 or so).

This is common with a many metatags. It’s as though the database isn’t being fully recognised.

Anyone else have this issue?

I’d add to this: the metadata across all of Room is totally broke! Incomplete entries on all selections. I click on Beethoven, and only 14 entries of about 80 come up (including composer/performance distinction).

None of the producer credits work. Partial results in all cases.

This is embarrassing, to be honest. Please provide a fix, thanks.

Hi @Dylan_Trigg

Can you provide some screenshots of what you’re seeing here?


Happily. I have limited the screenshots to 5, because otherwise I could keep going. But basically here’s what they indicate using the example of Max Norman, a famous producer associated with the metal genre.

  1. Max Norman’s credit for Megadeth’s “Youthanasia” album.
  2. Max Norman’s production credits after clicking on the above credit.
  3. There are 14 credits listed, but there are many more Max Norman producer credits associated with various albums. The following screenshots show those credits, which ought to appear under the Max Norman category (as they did perfectly until the recent firmware). I could keep going with other missing credits (every producer tag has this issue), but I’m sure this gives you a sense of the problem.

Thank you for the examples, @Dylan_Trigg. That’s very helpful! I’ve passed this report along to our QA team to investigate this further.