Metronome Le Player 2 and ROCK

After installing ROCK on my NUC 5i5ryh my Metronome Le Player 2 DAC is not recognized using USB.

Is there a list that shows the supported DACs that work with Roon core?


By ‘not recognised’ do we mean it isn’t working, or it is working but not identified by brand?

thanks for the list

roon do not recognize the dac

my dac is m2tech oem based

Chord 2Qute works fine too :sunglasses:

Hi after installing ROCK on a NUC 5i5ryh … Roon did not recognize my DAC module which is from what I understand is m2tech Hiface v1 OEM based … the player is a Metronome Le Player 2

Any suggestions?


The Hiface V1 was never Linux friendly. It is one of the reasons why they brought out the V2. Note that drivers are provided for both Windows and Mac which is quite unusual. If it were Linux friendly the Mac drivers would probably not be needed. I am not at all sure how you might proceed. If the Hiface unit is discrete I suppose it could be replaced, possibly with a V2. If not it is going to be difficult to get it working with ROCK.

Does your device have a S/PDIF input? If you’re not successful with a direct USB connection because of the lack of a driver, you might be able to do better with a USB-to-S/PDIF converter, or possibly something like the Allo DigiOne in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi–based network endpoint.

(I’ve been thinking a lot about this problem, since I have a Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC that presents a similar problem WRT proprietary USB drivers.)

unfortunately my player has only S/PDIF out only and only usb input

does this USB device require a special driver?

It’s on my list to just get that one supported.

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yes danny …metronome requires a driver for win and mac it can be downloaded from here

well, that’s not going to work for ROCK, because it is not Windows, nor is it MacOS.

They need to publish an open Linux driver so we can include it in the distribution – otherwise ROCK or any Linux device will not be an option Metronome devices.

dear danny

as far as i know they won’t, all i know also is that the module is actually m2tech hiface v1 oem …does that help ?


If they will not release required drivers for Linux, then it can’t work on Linux (or ROCK because it is Linux based).

You have to push on your hardware manufacturer to release the right drivers, or show them who’s boss by not buying their products.

Hi Danny, there won’t be a Linux driver for this. The OEM manufacturer produced a V2 of the module using a different chipset that works with Linux.
Zaki, I’d open your player and see if the module is interchangeable with the V2.