Metrum Ambre: MQA Settings

Hi- Currently enjoying using Roon from a Metrum Ambre to a Metrum Pavane. Currently my Pavane does not have the MQA DAC add on, but do I need it?

The Ambre has MQA support built in, but the default ROON setting is NO MQA SUPPORT. This probably means that ROON is doing the first unfold and the Ambre is just passing the stream along.

If I added the MQA Module to my DAC, what setting would I choose?

Lastly, Metrum touts the Ambre as supporting MQA. What setting would I use to allow the Ambre to handle the MQA file?

Amber is just an Roon endpoint which output to a external DAC, it is network bridge. It is unlikely it will support full MQA decoding. However I do came across PS Audio bridge does that (decoding only). Full MQA decoding/renderering must be done inside a DAC. In the case Metrum Pavane DAC, there’s a provision to add a MQA module for full decoding/renderering.

If you happy with decoding in Roon then select ‘No MQA support’ in Roon.

Thank you!

If you read the MQA page on the metrum website you get your answer.