Michael bought a turntable and Simon's room issues!

you do that by hand? or you have something automatically?

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I thought youre main system was a Unity Atom but can’t remember what you have them partnered with and I thought you always really liked it. Did you change anything?

I have been enjoying the old school media swapping and I have to say that the Arcam Amp/SACD combination sound’s great. Though I still stream probably 80% of what I listen to. With ARC being used in office that has probably become more like 90%

I have referenced that in another thread :rofl:
But yes you did :grin:

All by hand, I’m sad like that and at least I know it :grin:

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I know but it’s such a momentous occasion I thought it was worth mentioning more than once!

Welcome to the Dark Side…we have cookies :smiley:


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That was me.

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Yes I have the Atom with ProAcs it’s my hearings thats changed again . They do work well but I am now having more tinnitus than before and I am more sensitive to hi frequencies. My room really exaggerates this.

Not going to give a heart for that, as it would be cruel.

Are you going to look at other speakers, but I imagine it is a challenge until you get them in the room and give them a good listen.

No the ProAcs are not the issue here really,
Any speaker I have tried has this affect in my Room not much I can do. These have been the best yet and I really like what they do with majority of my music. It’s just some goes awry.

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michael bought a turntable ?

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Sorry Tom – your post got caught up in a bunch of others I moved out of the ‘What are we listening to…’ thread. I moved it right back.

But yes, it appears Michael did indeed buy himself a turntable. :wink:


So it was Michaels fault
He bought this fu… turntable just to bring some confusion :laughing:


Main issue is my listening position which I cannot change without a major overall of the room and wiring. So that ain’t going to happen. 2nd where I can place the speakers is a problematic area. It’s an alcove, with windows behind them and this creates a nasty resonance. I can’t get the ProAcs as close to the wall or in the best position for them due to the curtains behind them and it stops Mrs Gipsy from being able to open the windows which is more the issue. Floor doesn’t help either with reflections. The whole room is a compromise that I just can’t do anything about. I used to be able to deal with it but as my hearings changed it’s become more of an issue especially this last year. I might just have to live with DSP and live with its limitations.

I do not have DSP, but sometimes I get ideas. But I do not know about the limitations. I do not want to be a pain but can you describe in 10 words those limitations pls. Thanks

A few here.

It can’t help a null, which is where you get bass suckout or other frequencies due to Room mode cancellation and SBR. Only modifying the room with bass traps and other panels or insulation can properly negate a null.

You move your speakers you have to recalibrate for it. I have to move mine at certain times of the year unfortunately.
Limits the listening zone to be the best so often off axis listening is not the best.

Uses more cpu so more power.

It doesn’t always sound better with some music and robs it of some mojo.

But the returns overall are greater it just takes some getting used to. I’ve fluttered back and forth a lot.


A do move speakers and subs a lot. Usually if I jump from classical/jazz to electronic I’ll get too much base, and the flip side.

It is a software only, or hardware?

It depends you can buy minidsp hardware or use Roons DSP engine, this uses a lot more of the cores cpu so need a core capable and obviously it will consume more power as it’s working harder. NuCs though if using one are not hugely power hungry but given the state of things less is more.

I guess I am somehow under Paul’s spell (PSA), he said he does not like room correction.

So I need a software and the measuring mics to make some custom filter and load that in Roon?

You have to do the readings yourself but there are some services that will create convolution filters to load into Roon and will customise them to your needs. Home Audio Fidelity is one such service. Thierry who owns it is amazing. He knows what is doing I use him as he’s very patient getting them just right for you. He provides an easy to use app to take the measurements to but you need to get your own mic. Or you can use REW app to measure and create yourself. There are others popping up all the time.