Michael bought a turntable and Simon's room issues!

For bass nulls especially. You should lower the target level so that it’s only reducing not gaining. It does mean you a much lower volume and if set too low then you loose dynamic range so in some cases it’s best to leave them alone. Nulls are caused by cancellation as the reflected waves cancel out the the originals, happens to some degree in all rooms. If you increase a null you are actually increasing the amount of energy it’s creating and if not careful it can be detrimental and in worse case damage speakers It’s best to reduce than gain in room correction.


I know this and why, but

Software or hardware, preamp or etc? What I am asking is: no matter the way of lowering the volume you loose dynamic range? I’m asking because I can hear: my cheap dac with volume (CA 200M) VS Fixed volume on dac and controlling volume on Benchmark LA4, on low volumes is like I have a smaller speaker VS keeping approx same clarity. I’m asking because usually I listen at very low volume setting


I’m taking DSP not hardware you have to reduce for all DSP to prevent clipping this is all done before it hits DAC or Preamp

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After reading homeaudiofidelity.com I just bought a Dayton Audio UMM-6.
Thanks for the patience and all the info.

Edit: Have a nice week off :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I just did siome new readings this morning as have been moving things about, sent them off to Thierry so look forward to trying them out.

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