Michael Pinnella composition issue

I would like to share this issue I found on my library.

On this album (see screenshot) there is a composition by Pinnella called “Piano Concerto #1”, divided into 3 movements (as it happens with classical music).
The issue is that the first movement (track n. 3) is titled “Piano Concerto MVT. 1”, while the other two movements (tracks n. 7 and 8) are titled “Piano Concerto #7 MVT” (instead of #1).
I also note that the three tracks should be combined into a single composition, and they are not.

The files come from TIDAL, so I cannot edit them using file tags.

The correct title would be:

  • track 3) Piano Concerto #1 Mvt. 1
  • […]
  • Piano Concerto #1 (as a group title)
  • Track 7) Mvt. 2
  • Track 8) Mvt. 3

On the other screenshot you can see the uncorrect titles now appearing on the library.
Do you have any idea to solve this problem? Thank you so much!

Not that I can help you out, but if I ever saw a condescending review, that is the one. How horrible!

Btw, you are playing my favorite 2019 album.

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