Michael Tilson Thomas: From the Diary of Anne Frank - messed up track titles

While the tracks are presented in the correct order, the track titles are messed up. The track titles should reflect that Tracks 1-4 comprise Part One, Tracks 5-8 comprise Part Two, and Tracks 9-12 comprise Part Three. Roon displays Part One correctly.

The problem starts with Part Two. Roon identifies track 5 properly, but 6 through 8 are identified as “Part One”. Roon identifies track 12 as “Part Four”. There is NO Part 4 for this work. It is the concluding piece to Part 3.

If you look at the metadata provided by AllMusic for this album , you can see that the erroneous part assignments come from bad metadata by the Roon provider.

Thank you Andre. However, my concern is making it right. I’ve tried to manually edit the tracks in error. I went to each of the four tracks in question, selected edit track, and then selected edit and typed the correct text. I hit save but nothing has happened. In fact Roon changes the data back to the original after taking my update. If I edit the track, taking neither the Roon data or my file, it ignores my update and retains the data in error. Very frustrating.

Hi William. I guess you are working from a Qobuz or Tidal version added to your library, and not from a local downloaded file.If so, I am afraid that you must first unidentify the album, then your track edits will work. Otherwise, you must live with the metadata provider values (and ask for a fixfrom the provider). I just verified this on my side using a Qobuz version. I may be wrong, as I most always work with local files where those types of edits are possible. Hopefully someone can correct me and find a fix.


Hi Andre: Thanks for your comments. No, I am not using Qobuz or Tidal. I have an iTunes library. When I edit each of the tracks that contain errors, none of them are corrected. This happens if I select my file, or if I edit the title through track editing. The corrected title line appears in the track edit screen, but it never appears in the album. As i said, very frustrating. Why give us track editing functions, and then not accept the edit?

Hi Andre: Just to highlight my frustration on this issue. The correct song titles are contained on my iTunes library. This is the sole file which Roon deals with. In Roon, I have done an album edit selecting the track titles as contained on my library. If I look at the track title edit screen for each tract, it indicated my file as the metadata preference. It displays in the edit screen the correct song title. Unfortunately, it still displays the inaccurate data from All Music on the album. Again If I edit each tract to read correctly, it ignores the correction.

Have you tried unidentifying your album, just to see the results ? This could help you better understand how Roon works,and Roon limitations. Surely not a perfect solution, but at least you could see your track titles correctly displayed.

You could also contact @support on that. Maybe they have another solution, for ex. asking Tivo/Rovi to fix their metadata for this album.


Thanks Andre. I’ll be trying your suggestions shortly. Regards, Bill

Hi Andre: Much appreciated. Once I refused to identify and album it took all my file data (which is 100% correct) and copied it. The only thing I don’t get of course is the review and associated information. As I know my music, the cost of having accurate track titles is worth the cost. Thanks again, Bill