Micro SD card suggestions

Hi all - not sure where to place this - sorry if it’s in the wrong place.

Anyways - I just purchased an Astell&Kern SR25 MKII. :grinning: And am looking for suggestions for the best make of Micro SD card to use (1TB). I bought an unbranded Micro SD card from ebay (very cheep) but it doesn’t seem to work. It formats Fat32) at 998GB but won’t seem to accept more than around 100GB of data out of my 800+GB library. SO I’m thinking I should just buy a ‘good’ card.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thank you


Any well known brand, like Sandisk and Kingston. You don´t need the fastest ones.

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Thank you.

I use a 1TB SanDisk microSD card in my A&K SR 25, and it works flawlessly. They are expensive, but I caught one discounted during a holiday sale on Amazon a couple of years ago.

Perfect - thank you

Either Sandisk Extreme Pro or Ultra are ideal in AK units. I’ve been using a 512 GB card for a couple of years in an SP1000 and am now preparing a 1 TB card for an SP3000. Unfortunately, on my MacBook Pro 2021, I cannot export music directly from Roon to the microSD card in the card reader, but it works fine if I export to a folder on the desktop and from there to the card.