MicroMega M-One 100 and Roon


I’m considering buying the MicroMega product. https://micromega.com/en/products/mone-range/

I did some research and found that the brand is building for Roon since 2018

Is it working with Roon now? Otherwise this is going to be a deal breaker for me

Thank you


It’s not listed here https://roonlabs.com/partners (as a Roon Ready Network streamer, or as a Roon Tested USB DAC), but that doesn’t mean to say it would not work as a USB connected DAC … most USB DACs will work with Roon.

Though native DSD support is OS dependent, so if’s that a concern best check with the manufacture.

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Sorry my question is not clear.

The product is a streaming integrated amp.

Can I stream Roon to the amp through ethernet?

No it can’t.

What I can tell you as a Micromega M100 owner is it is a fantastic integrated amp and has a world class DAC in it. I run USB from my core straight into it as well as AES from a Mutec MC3+ USB. Sounds great. The LAN can certainly do Airplay style but I don’t remember if I tried Roon direct by ethernet. It certainly works fine as a Roon endpoint via USB or any of the digital inputs.


I’ve a Micromega M-150 and I’m wondering if there are still plans for Micromega/Roon to get together to bring this wonderful player into the Roon family?

An official answer would be appreciated. If it’s not going to happen I’ll clearly need to find another solution to running Roon with it.

Thanks in advance.