MicroRendu and NAD M51

I was thinking of buying MicroRendu to use with a NAD M51 DAC and just noticed this in the known issues on the Sonore website.

“should work” does not give me a lot of confidence. I would only use RoonReady mode so that’s OK but before I splash out is anyone using a MicroRendu with Roon and a NAD M51 and does it work OK?

We have a customer using it with the microRendu. However, it’s hard to know if your unit is exactly the same hardware and firmware wise. The main reason for the warning though is because the other output modes have not been tested.

I have a MicroRendu and a NAD M51 and the only mode I can get it working in is ‘Roon Ready’ mode. DLNA works in that I can see the device in JRiver, MediaMonkey, Foobar, etc, but when I try and play to it it freezes and eventually says that the device is not ready. It works perfectly in Roon though.
I have tried the MicroRendi using an ODac and it works fine in DLNA and Roon ready modes.

That device reports itself as a multi-channel DAC and it’s not. This is a firmware issue and that needs to be corrected by the manufacturer. Roon was kind enough to make a work around on their software.

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