Microrendu and the Synology DJ216

I purchased a Sonore microrendu and a NAS DJ216 to hold my music library. I bought the microrendue due to the idea that it could use Roon as my interface. I’m now to understand that the NAS must also be Roon ready in at least of its processing powers. I do own computers elsewhere bu the idea was to separate computer noise from my audio system.

Where do I go from here. Return the already functioning NAS, run Roon on my main office rig or…

Thanks for your help.

You can still use the NAS to store your music files. You might even be able to run the Roon Core on that NAS however it’s not up to the recommended specs. It might still work anyway. Hang an SSD off the NAS and run the Core files on the SSD. That is if the NAS does not have an SSD in it.

If the nas is a ds216 it isn’t suitable for roon (never heard of a dj216). However just run roon core elswhere. As you have a microrendu it is that which will be playing the music so your concerns re noise aren’t valid. You don’t need the computer running roon anywhere near your audio as long as it is network connected.

If you mean DS216j, it cannot run Run Core: