microRendu availability

Sonore: Is the microRendu available for immediate shipment? Earlier this year I attempted to purchase a Sonic Orbiter and parts were out of stock for 3-4 weeks so I cancelled the order. Now I am interested in the microRendu.
If available for immediate shipment, by what shipping service do you use - UPS, US Mail, FedEx?

Units are in stock and orders are shipped in the order received. We are using DHL.

Thanks. I ordered one yesterday and am looking forward to using to extend my Roon setup to another room.

I received the microRendu today. Only had time to get it up and running. Very easy by the way. Will do serious listening thus weekend.

After some time listening on my system in the home theater I can report that the sound using the microRendu into my Oppo HA-1 DAC is outstanding. I am having occasional dropouts, but Roon is still running the background audio analysis which is loading the NUC processor. I expect that the dropouts will disappear after that completes.

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I have the microRendu and just received the Sonore Signature power supply feeing a Bricasti M1 DAC. Just passed about 75 hours on the PS and all I can say is the sound is jaw dropping…best digital I’ve ever owned and I’ve had a few (EMM, Zanden, Wadia ,Esoteric).