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There are warnings and progression notices, but he wants me to put them in big bold letter:)

2.3 update went fine. Took only a few minutes. Up and playing now.

Nice work.

Hi Michael,

A few days ago I had the chance to try Roon and it really is an amazing piece of software. Problem is, since I’m currently using the Lumin app to control a Melco N1A connected via USB to a Devialet 200, what do I need to do in order to install Roon in this system?

I know the Melco is not a “Rooned” music server and I guess that a microRendu still needs some kind of computer (Roon core?). I just don’t know if it makes any sense to connect the microRendu to the Melco because there are much cheaper NAS solutions…

Any help would be great!

Thanks in advance and best regards :blush:

You can run Roon Server on your computer to try things out.

@Ze_Pedro_Sousa I think in your case (sadly) it’s either Roon (with or without microRendu) or the Melco, otherwise your Melco will become a very expensive NAS!

It’s a real shame they didn’t implement Roon - there are quite a few users loving the sound (with Devialet) but wishing for a different interface.

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I’m using microRendu with software version 2.3. I have severe drop outs from my ReadyNas 316 playing ordinary Flac 16/44 files. When I’m switch to use the Squeezelite there is no problem at all.
What could I do to get further? The network is wired and works for running bluray files at full resolutions without any problems.

This is a network issue…RoonReady uses UDP packets while SqueezeLite TCP. Look for Jumbo Frames on your NAS and server and make sure it’s turned on.

Hi Jesus R / Roon Support

I have a really annoying issue / quirk.

Firstly my system:

In our house we have 2 sonicTransporter i5’s with 2 different Roon Server accounts. One endpoint is a microRendu and the other is a HifiBerry Digi+ (transformer version) with a Pi 3 Model B.

Both connect to the ADSL2+ modem (not a router) via Blue Jeans Cat6a cable and TP-Link powerline adapters.

Whenever I play Justin Timberlake’s album ‘20/20 experience’ which I have in 24/44 FLAC, on the microRendu it mutes at certain parts of each song. I say mutes, because it’s not skipping. It mutes for 1 second and continues playing. I can rule out connection issues because 24/192 FLACs (requiring faster network access) play without issue on the same microRendu. These ‘mutes’ happen at the exact same points of the songs, even after reboots and playing a coupel days later, so these are not network dropout issues.

So the next logical thing to try was playing the same album to a different endpoint (from the same sonicTransporter i5) so I played it to the HiFiBerry Digi+ and the album plays flawlessly.

I even tried converted the FLAC album to just WAV and I still get the exact same ‘muting’ at the exact same parts of the song on the microRendu.

So far it’s just been that one album but if it happens with others I would be concerned.

All Roon Servers and Roon Endpoints and Roon Remote Apps are up to date (running the updates which came out this week).

I have to emphasise these are not network dropouts - they are mutes at the same points of each song each time. But only with the microRendu - the same album files play fine to the HiFiBerry Digi+

Appreciate the help

It sounds like a file issue or your DAC is momentarily loosing sync for some reason at that point in the song. I have not come across this before though.

I have had occasional issues with music that was ripped poorly. There is a piece of software called AudioTester that can examine the integrity of flac or mp3 files. Might be worth checking that music with it.

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The OP noted that the file plays just fine with another player using Roon. So it is highly unlikely that it is the file itself at fault.

I’d be curious to know if the same DAC is used in both scenarios. I’ve certainly heard dropouts in music playback at times, but never at the very same place in the same song. Strange.

Agree. Very strange. Any dropouts I’ve ever had have either been a problem with file (but occur with any player) or some network or computer problem (and in these cases the dropouts are a bit random…not in the same exact place.)

I can imagine a fault in the file and the two DACs handling the fault differently: the conservative approach mutes to avoid any aberration, the liberal approach interpolating a reasonable guess.

good point (as CD players always (mostly) did…interpolate when errors on disk). As someone else asked regarding “same DAC”, it becomes very important that the OP do a test of two different players, but same DAC.

Hi Jesus, as I mentioned, the same file plays to the Hifiberry. Im certainly no expert but I would think this rules out the file itself? The same file also plays on my phone also, for a 3rd cross check.

As others mentioned, ill test the HiFiberry with this DAC that currently has the microRendu and report back.

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