MicroRendu - Mytek Brooklyn - best way to get lossless signal without distortion

Hi guys,

Today I set up my new MicroRendu, however I’ve been playing with it for a few hours but I still cannot find the best setting. Basically I want the best signal path (Lossless the purple star) with DSD enable and be able to control the Volume from Roon (because my amp does not have a remote).

These are the steps that I’ve done and not succeed:

  • In MicroRendu web setting, change Volume to “Hardware” or “Software”, select Native DSD --> DSD up to 256 is enabled, I can control the volume but the sound is distorted really bad. Changing Zone Setting - Volume Leveling to Auto can fixed the distortion but only “blue star” (see screen shot 1)

  • In MicroRendu web setting, change Volume to “Hardware” or “Software”, select DoP → DSD up to 128 only, also the sound is distorted. Again changing Volume Leveling to Auto can fixed the distortion but only “blue star” (screenshot 2, 3)

In these cases the DSP Engine is not enabled. I prefer to keep a simple path but still have Lossless signal. Is there such a way to achieve this?

Also if you guys have the same component (Mytek Brooklyn – MicroRendu), can you please show me how to set up both the Brooklyn and the MicroRendu to have best result?

My system include:
Mac Mini (Late 2012, 2.3Ghz quad core, 500gb ssd, 16gb ram) with Roon Core and music library installed.
Mytek Brooklyn DAC
Leben CS600 amplifier
Harbeth SHL5+ speakers

Many thanks for your help in advance.

This post would seem to be about the same problem

If you really want a “bitperfect” rather than an “enhanced” signal path, turn off all DSP In Roon and use the hardware volume control on the Brooklyn (or disable volume control on the Brooklyn and control volume via a pre-amp).

I’m not sure what this buys you, but you can’t have “bitperfect” and DSP (including volume leveling and software-based volume control) at the same time. (“Bitperfect” is so 2010. :wink:)


I control volume via my McIntosh C2200 preamp.

Just read the topic but it doesn’t look like my problem…

Hi James, I read some of your topics which is quite helpful because you’re using same components with me.
Can you let me know what settings that you are using? (Mytek Brooklyn, MicroRendu and Roon)

Hi Orgel,
So do you mean “enhanced” signal path is better than “lossless” signal path?

Not nessarily better, but not necessarily worse, either. My point is that if you want volume leveling and software volume control, and it sounds fine to you, then use it.

(However, you might want to do some comparisons with digital and analog volume control on the Brooklyn, as well as with volume control via a good-quality pre-amp to see if you can hear differences. From what I’ve read, Michal Jurewicz thinks the digital volume control on the Brooklyn is pretty good.)

I want to have “lossless” signal, no Volume Leveling or DSP effects… but once I turn off Volume Leveling the distortion happens and there is no way to fix it…

Hi Kyle,
As a sanity check, can you upload an image of Roon’s signal path when it’s configured this way.

What @Carl said. Also, in the Roon Ready app on the mR, do you have volume control set to “None”? (Be sure to turn down the volume on the Brooklyn and/or your pre-amp before you do this.)

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Hi Carl,
This is the signal path that I want it to be

However when leaving it like this, there is a loud distortion throughout the song that I cannot listen to.

I can fix this by turning on Leveling Volume and the signal path looks like this:

What sample rate and bit rate do you see on your DAC’s display?

Hi Jesus,
Here is the screenshot on my Brooklyn. I currently turn on Volume Levelling to avoid distortion.

Are you using the volume control on the Brooklyn, also I seem to remember this had 2 line out sensitivities. One higher at studio levels and one with a 6db reduction for consumer kit. Have you checked that setting? Maybe you are overloading the input on the amp.

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Also how are you using your amp, i notice you can use the preamp or just the power amp section

Hi Matthew,
To answer your questions:

  1. Volume control on Brooklyn is “DIGITAL”, USB Volume set to “NO”
  2. I have 4 gain jumpers come with the DAC but I don’t use it, I assume the DAC has been set to a standard that can be used normally without any manual tweaks?
  3. I have Leben CS600 integrated amp and use Mytek Brooklyn as standalone DAC.

My question now is how to get lossless signal path without distortion?
And do you mind share your signal path and the way you setup your Brooklyn and MicroRendu?

I think you need to use the jumpers on the brooklyn. They are designed to reduce the output of the DAC (as it is higher than consumer DACs) for people who are experiencing distortion in their amp. See section 8 in the manual.

As your amp is valve, i would have though the hotter input would drive that a bit too much (like an overdriving guitar amp).

Before buying the MicroRendu, the Brooklyn is working fine with my amp when I connect the Mac mini to Brooklyn via USB cable, no clipping/distortion at all.

were you using the system mixer to pull the vol down (equivalent to pulling down the vol in roon)