microRendu no longer recognized

Hello. I’m running the latest version of the RoonServer software on a Mac Mini (just upgraded to new model, but same issue was occurring on a 2014 Mac Mini), computer is running MacOS Big Sur. microRendu has latest firmware (2.5) and Roon Ready software (1.1.36). The microRendu is connected to a Schiit Modi Uber. All points connected via WiFi with Plume routers. The microRendu is visible on the network.

This set up has been one of the most stable parts of my Roon implementation for the last couple of years, but the microRendu is no longer being identified as an audio endpoint. I have restarted all parts of the system.

Anyone have any suggestions or things to try? Thanks!

Are you able to test this setup using a wired network connection for both the Mac mini and microRendu?

Also, what DAC do you have connected to the microRendu? Is that DAC connected and switched on?

Have you tried deleting the database and restoring from a backup? And I’m assuming you rebooted from the modem/router forward?

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I have not tried deleting yet. Will try that next.

DAC is the Schiit Modi Uber. I’m not able to easily try a wired network connection.

Didn’t work. Restored from a previous backup and no change.

Can you see the DAC from the UI on the microRendu? IIRC, it has a webUI

Sonicorbiter.com will find it on the network if it’s available. Once there the OP should check to make sure that Roon Ready is the chosen service.

Yes, I can see the DAC on the microRendu, see the microRendu on the network and via the site, and the service RoonReady is selected. However, it is still no longer available via Room.

2.8 is the latest fw

Thanks! You’re right - good catch. It’s now hung up on 2.7, but this gives me something to work on.

For 2.8 fw you have to purchase a new sd micro card from sonore website.
Good luck.