MicroRendu Not conecting

Hi I tried connecting My SonicTransporter I5 and my Microrendu unsuccessfully. this is my set up:
I have my modem/router in the basement(Motorola sbg6580) from it I have a 50 feet cat 6 cable to my audio room where I have it go into a Netgear GS108 Switch and connected to that switch I have my Microrendu, the SonicTransport I5 and a desktop computer that is on the other side of the room.

The Microrendu is connected to my DEQX HDP4.

I can access both control panels and everything in them looks fine and the DAC is active and ready.
When I start Roon I can see the Server and it work perfectly but I can’t see the MR.

After troubleshooting for a while the Microrendu suddenly showed up but, when I played either Tidal or a Local PCM 96k file it started playing but sounded distorted for like 5 seconds, then it stops and I get a Network communication error and the MR diapered again.

This happened twice I tested a variety of CAT 6-7-8 cables ranging from cheap flat cables to a pair of AQ Vodka and still same issue.

Everything is new including the GS108.

To test the network I connected my macbook to the same router and disable the wifi and connected to my dac and I was able to play jriver and tidal with no issues.

Please Did I overlook something. what it is going on

Much as you may like to believe that changing brand of Ethernet cable is going to make a difference, it simply isn’t.

Also connected to the GS108?

If I’ve understood your setup the sbg6580 is acting as DHCP server and the server running roon, endpoint and desktop pc are connected via the GS108?

Where’s Roon server installed - the sonic? where’s the music?

@Eric_Serrano Good to talk to you on the phone today. Looks like a network problem of some kind. I’ll send you a new unit just to make sure it not a problem with the microRendu network interface.

The 6580 is downstairs and the Netgear gs108 is connected to it.

second floor I have my audioroom/office inthere I have
the sonic transport I5 (roon server), the microrendu, the NAS (Music) and a desktop PC all of them connected to the Netgear gs108 that is then connected to the modem/router downstairs

if you can ping each of the devices attached to the gs108 then networking isn’t the issue unless a firewall ruleset is blocking traffic between devices that need to communicate with one another.

You probably get better help in the http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f26-sonore-sponsored/sonore-microrendu-27389/index132.html

You may also set fixed ipadress on the MicroRendu. The MicroRendu should be the last device you power up. Can you access it’s web interface ? Upgrade to version 2.3 ?
Make sure your PC or any other device has both wifi and Ethernet activated. Use only one of them.

That Motorola seems to lack functionality to set fixed ip, or even bridge the modem in order to add a better router.

Can your ISP provide you with somthing better maybe ?

Seems bridging is supported in latest firmware. Also do this:

Read more here:

FWIW none of my Roon endpoints have static IP’s nor do they get fired up except when needed, and then often times before the PC running Roon Server and housing my library. Roon never has issues seeing the endpoints on the network regardless of IP and/or boot sequencing.

I don’t think it’s a microRendu issue, but Andrew decided to replace his unit just in case. Let’s see what happens when he gets the new unit. I also don’t see how a fixed IP address will help.