microRendu not rebooting

Sometimes after using a non-USB input on my DAC I have to reboot the mR in order for Roon or HQP to see the mR. That’s not a great problem because there is a reboot option in the browser app. The problem is that it doesn’t reboot, but just powers down, meaning a trip to the stereo to unplug and reconnect it.

Is it possible to actually reboot the mR instead of just powering it down ?

I’ve seen similar behavior but have not been able to track down what causes this. Sometimes Roon just looses the uRendu… not often but also never clear as to why. I can usually get it back by going to sonicorbiter.com and telling it to reboot, but sometimes need to resort to just unplug and reconnect.

I use a Devialet Expert. I have seen this happen without it being related to changing the inputs. But it’s infrequent and not all that troubling when it happens so I haven’t really pursued it with Sonore. On the other hand, if there is a way to resolve it, I’d love to hear it.

Reboot is hit and miss for me - quite unreliable really.

It always used to work, whereas I saw reports from other users saying theirs just turned off. Now its russian roulette. Its annoying for me to reach the plug so its not ideal, but because you don’t know you just have to wait a while, see if it reappears, and then hunt for the plug.

I kind of gave up following the CA forums so not sure of this was ever resolved - sounds not. At the time I got the impression it was deemed ‘OK’ that the reboot was sometimes a shutdown.

My reboot function never worked either.

Mine has worked reliably since updating to the latest software version (2.3.x).

So yesterday, I went ahead and ran an update on the uRendu to see if there was a newer version of 2.3 available. Seems there was and the update completed properly and Roon still saw the uRendu at that point. But the last thing the update showed in the log was to reboot the uRendu. So I did so via the sonicorbiter.com Reboot option.

From that point on, the uRendu disappeared from Roon and sonicorbiter.com and I had to do a power cycle on it to get it back. Anomaly or should I assume that a power cycle (rather than software reboot) will be required after an update?

The software always asks you to reboot as a precaution to make sure all new apps are loaded and running.

Hi Jesus,

What we’re finding is that reboot just powers down the mR, it doesn’t start up again. We have to unplug and reconnect power to get it to boot up.

It’s not understood why this happens and when it does all you can do it power cycle the unit.

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I was having the same problem, but now my microrendu no longer powers up. It is cold. This products heat always concerned me as we all know high heat and electronics do not fair well for long. Mine sits in the clear open on its side to help air circulation.

Do others have dead rendu’s after a 2-3 years? If you don’t I would expect you will soon.

I have a clarification for you after reading your comment again. This is a microRendu hardware issue that can’t be fixed in the field. If it’s sent in we can update the hardware’s firmware and it will properly restart when the button is utilized.

The two most prevalent failures are failures of the external power supply and corrupt operating system. We have replacement power supplies and micro SD cards on our website.

I had a brief complete loss of household power today.
My uRendu and HQPlayer did not recover gracefully. I went through a long series of restarts (to the amp, HQP, uRendu, Roon) before all the components connected. Not a big deal … for me. However, other family members probably would have been at a complete loss for how to troubleshoot and restore service.

My family members still have issues with inputs on the TV:)

Thanks for clarifying. It’s good to hear there is a solution.

I’m in Australia so returning the mR takes a little bit of time and trouble. Although it is annoying to have to reboot manually, it’s not enough of a problem that I would want to go without the mR for that time.

I still have the occasional issue where a complete reboot of everything is required. The procedure I use now is:

  • turn everything off, starting with HQP;

  • update and reboot the uR first, check that NAA is selected;

  • select the uR input into the DAC and turn the DAC on;

  • Start HQP, it should see the NAA;

  • Start Roon (if not already started).

^ That procedure is approximately what I did to get working again yesterday. I was getting stuck at HQP not seeing the NAA until (I think) after turning the amp off and on again. It would be wonderful if, somehow, the system could maintain and more easily recover the connection state.

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