microRendu not seeing DAC after upgrade [Solved; reboot x-spdif2]

My microRendu is not seeing my Holo Audio Spring DAC either directly or through the Matrix Audio x-spdif 2 after recently upgrading the SonicOrbiter software. I have power cycled everything and plugged the USB cables in and out of the microRendu.

The Audio device list in System Settings - Custom DAC has the following message:

“Error in alsa-capabilities (v0.9.1): aplay did not find any soundcard.”

Any suggestions ?

OK, it found Roon Ready when directly connected (no x-spdif2). Will try HQP and report back.

Yep, HQP sees the mR when the mR is connected to the DAC.

I was able to get everything working again after rebooting the x-spdif2. After that HQP could see the mR with the x-spdif2 in between.