MicroRendu, Schiit Gungnir, DSP Volume

Running latest update of 2.6 on MicroRendu (with Roon Ready version 1.1.30), but can’t get an option to use DSP volume control on Roon.

I’ve set the volume control to “hardware” (also tried “software”) on the MR, rebooted the device, turned off and then on the DAC, etc., but I only ever have the option for “fixed” volume on Roon.

I’ve never tried to use DSP volume control before, so can’t say if this is new behavior.

Am I missing something?

Hey @sm31,

Can you try setting Volume Control in the web UI for the UltraRendu to None? Let me know if you see the DSP Volume option after that.


It doesn’t. Why would it?

Thanks for confirming, @sm31!

Try setting the Volume Control to Software, DSD Support to None, and then save changes. You may have to reboot the the microRendu after doing so.

If you’re still not seeing the option after thatm can you share a screenshot of the Roon Ready settings from the microRendu web UI?


Still no dice (and I had already tried that).


Hey @sm31,

Once this has been set you should be able to use DSP volume as seen in the screenshots below. Note that the DSP volume takes place on the Rendu itself, not Roon, so the Device Control setting is what you’ll want to use here.


If you’re not seeing the same volume option as shown here please let me know!


That solves it. Thanks.

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But, just want to clarify something:

My understanding of your documentation is that the device option is where the DAC has a volume control option, and the endpoint is passing on that information. But this one doesn’t.

I wasn’t aware of the rendu products having anything either.

So how is this the correct setting in this case?

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