MicroRendu skips songs very fast

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Description Of Issue
I recently setup a microRendu in my system and when I use it for my endpoint it skips through all songs on the album or playlist very fast almost can’t read there titles as they go buy. My setup is a HP desktop with Windows 10 hooked to router by Ethernet then USB out to a PSaudio Gain Cell DAC then to my active crossover/amps. This setup has worked perfectly.

Now I have hooked up a microRendu to the USB input of the gain cell DAC and Ethernet to the router. The core which is my HP desktop is also hooked up by Ethernet to the same router. So HP desktop to router with Ethernet then from router to microRendu with ethernet cable then to Gain Cell DAC.

I can see the microRendu on the Roon network and the MicroRendu also sees the Gain Cell DAC in its app settings. When I push play it skips through all songs without playing very fast. If I disconnect the microRendu and reconnect the USB of the DAC directly to the core it works fine.

It’s something in the core to router then back to microRendu that’s the problem.

Thanks for any help

Hi @Ryan_Morrow1,

What kind of router is in use? What is the model?

Are you able to play to other networked zones? If you play to System Output of a remote that is connected to the network does that work?

Are you using any DSP settings/

I don’t have any other zones. What do u mean by remote. I did have dsp on at omen time but not now I don’t believe. Not since I’ve hooked up the microrendu. In order to play from the core I have to switch the usb from the micro back to the crown. I was playing back from the core before I got the micro. I dont control the core from a remote like a tablet. I can though I have in the past. I play and control from the core in the past. I’m picking up a Ethernet switch after work to tie the micro and desktop computer core to it.

Please contact PS Audio support and explain to them that you are using a Linux endpoint and that you are having issues with USB streaming locking up.

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