microRendu to DAC to digital output

My new DAC just arrived, an Audiolab m-dac plus. I’m using a microRendu feeding the DAC. The DAC is connected to a Stax amp via XLR. This is my main system. Then I noticed there are digital outs on the DAC and connectd the optical out to optical in on my KEF LS50 Wireless speakers.

The problems is that the DAC in the KEFs only accept PCM, and I have quite a lot of music in DSD, which I want to use for the Stax setup.

My questing is this, is it possible to get two signals from the microRendu, one native for the DAC in m-dac and one where DSD signals are re-sampled to PCM for the m-dac outputs to the KEF DAC?

If not I just reconnect the KEF LS50w to the hifiberry digi+ I used before, but it would be nice to be able to use the microRendu for both DACs.

Thinking this over, I cannot se how it would be possible :slight_smile: I will just have to live with the fact that I have do use the hifiberry endpoint for the KEFs as long as I use DXD and DSD.

When you look at the audio settings in Roon for your MicroRendu, do you see separate options for the outputs. If you do, you can set up each to do what you need.

That is what I was hoping for, but I can only see one output for the microRendu:

That is a shame.

Agree, new to Roon & microRendu, I was hoping for some solution involving zones or similar, something I did not see myself. But that is life :slight_smile: