MicroRendu USB output to two DACs

I am using a MicroRendu and want to output the USB audio to two DAC’s. simultaneously via an iFi Audio iUSB powered hub. One DAC is a Meridian Explorer2 and the other is an Emotiva. I haven’t been able to get this to work and the guys at iFi Audio said that it should but I needed to set up a zone configuration with Roon. I was hoping that someone might be able to give me some idea as to how I can do this. Cheers.

Do you have a powered hub on the USB output of the MicroRendu? If you did you should then have both DAC’s show up as options to configure from within settings/audio. However, depending on the quality of the power for the hub you may be compromising the qualities of the uRendu somewhat.

Yes the USB hub is powered and has two outputs just for this purpose. OK I’ll try and see if I can get both DACs to show up in Roon as options and try to configure them.

Have you actually tried this and gotten it to work?

No. But I have taken numerous USB ports and multiplied them using hubs and so in principle it should give the OP the best chance to make it work if it can. If it cannot then we will know that here for future reference.

I’ll be trying this tonight and will let you know how it goes.

AFAIK, Roon treats each endpoint as unique and single endpoint, in fact I believe it gives each DAC/Endpoint a GUID. When it sets up a connection to the RoonSpeaker code on the microRendu, it will treat the mR as a single endpoint. The microRendu would have to have processes to handle multiple different DACs attached to it and present them to Roon as such. That is why the NAD NAD CI 580 only appears as 1 endpoint to Roon, for example.

Roon is going to send a query to what it sees as a single endpoint, the microRendu and will get multiple responses, confusing it, or maybe just using the DAC which responds first (?). But, I am all for the spirit of experimentation, so I too will be curious as to the result.

Now, if instead of a microRendu, you used an Ethernet USB extender, so that the core computer sees the hub as a locally attached USB peripheral, that might have a different result. I’ve never tried connecting a hub to the core and then plugging in two different USB DACs on it, to see how Roon reacts.

I contacted the techs at Roon and Sonore and the MicroRendu definitely can’t be output to two zones, this is a design limitation of the device and not Roon. But I hadn’t thought of running a USB extender over Ethernet, so will have a play with that. Thanks for the suggestion.I have previously run a SPDIF extender to output audio over Ethernet which worked really well, so will try the USB idea.