Microsoft Surface Book 15 inch as a Roon remote

dear guys, maybe this has been handled earier anywhere, but i couldn find anything…

Im using my surface book 15inch as a roon remote… resolution 3240x2160 with 150% scaling getting below picture.

Actually thats quit fine for me, but stiill for me unanswered…

  1. i think this is in tablet mode as i cannot see any arrows left and right to scroll? is there any option to switch between this 2 modes?
  2. is ther anyway to scale only roon to see more albums, but keep windows the same?

  1. there are no “arrows” on-screen - use the cursor arrows on the keyboard, or swipe left or right on the screen.
  2. In Roon, go to Settings/General; there’s a setting there to “allow for more covers and photos”… (although I suspect you already have that turned on).

You can also grab the little blue bar at the bottom left-hand side and just drag it across. And if you tap on the ABC with the up arrow it’ll show you an alphabet listing where you can select a letter.

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  1. Perfect, got it… thanks
  2. thats also perfect, didnt know this. i wanted to use 175% scaling , but got too big ALbum covers… now this works much better…

Wow, SB… that’s one beast (and pricey) of a Roon remote. :grin: