Microsoft surface go2 keyboard issue

I read how several here really enjoyed using the surface and the usage was great. With it being $399 I returned the Lenovo tablet and picked this up. Strikes me as a very good solution however after installing Roon and connecting to my Server the keyboard doesn’t work anywhere in the program. When I click the search it brings up the type space, I click the space to do a search, it brings up the keyboard for a split second where I can maybe get two letters in before closing it down. Has anyone else found this issue and managed to resolve it?

Yes, there’s an issue with Windows touch screens and the keyboard appearing in Roon. It’s an issue which has been reported, the Roon team confirmed, and said they will deal with it at some point. It doesn’t seem to be a priority, as there have been small bugfixes since and it’s still there.

I suggest you tag @ support in the support thread to emphasize that it’s still a problem.

One workaround: if you make the Roon a smaller than the full screen size the issue stops.

this wasn’t the keyboard appearing but rather adjusting the program making it take up only 2/3 of a page. The screen would shut and the program would resize again. I’ve just found a work around by going into the keyboard settings and it lets you adjust it to do a smaller ‘on top’ keyboard that still works. Not ideal but functional.