Microsoft Surface Pro 6 as a Core/Output?

New to Roon… Any thoughts on using the new Surface Pro 6 i5 as a Roon Core/Output? My library is all 24/192 FLAC files and seems like it would be a good machine for this purpose. The content itself would live on an external drive. I get discounts on Surface which makes it relatively inexpensive for me.

It should be fine once the initial scan is complete.

I use a Lenovo X1 tablet which is very similar to the Surface. Works great.

I tried this once and I wasn’t impressed with the sound quality. This was a Surface Pro from a few years ago.

I use Surface Pro 5 and it’s more than capable. About sound directly through Windows, it’s decent but I always use it with a portable DAC connected.

If you’re looking for a silent machine to go in the listening room, you end up at Surface prices pretty quick.

I’m using last year’s Surface Pro i5 quite happily. Transcoding 5.1 DSD64 to 5.1 176.4/24 can stutter a little bit at the beginning, but I think that’s down to my old, very slow but silent NAS. Also, be careful about converting mini-DisplayPort to HDMI if you use the dock & want full resolution.

Good luck!

Good info. Thanks everyone.