Migrate from Internal 2TB SSD to 4TB SSD


I think this is something hat has been requested for RoonOS, but am wondering if someone has come up with an interim solution. (I think I have even discussed this elsewhere in some form here…)

Most of my current music on my Nucleus+ is on an internal 2TB SSD, but that is now running low on space, so I bought 4TB SSD that I want to copy everything over to.

Does anyone know what the exact ‘disk format’ is for the internal music storage volumes, and if I formatted the 4TB drive like that, would I be able to copy to it from the 2TB and then just swap them over and be back up and running?

Or do I just do a Roon backup, swap in new drive, format it with web UI ‘button’ & then try & copy everything from 2TB to (blank) 4TB & do a restore? [I’d plug 2TB drive in using an enclosure so it could be an external drive]

Thanks (& sorry if kind if re-posting :wink: )

The file system is ext4 last I checked.

Yes, but ext4 is typically only supported out of the box by Linux distributions. So unless you have a linux box running, you’ll have difficulties copying it over.

You could try doing a Virtual Machine running a “Live CD” of a popular Linux distrubtion like Ubuntu. That might be relatively easy to try out.

No. The Roon back-up doesn’t include anything stored on the internal drive, including your music. It only contains the database stored on the separate M.2 SSD that contains the operating system.

Do you have a backup of your music files on another device accessible from PC or Laptop? I’ve done the SSD upgrade from 1TB to 4TB a few months back.

As you said, swap the drives in the Nucleus+, format the drive via web-ui, stop the Roon server software from the web-ui, drag and drop the backed up music files to the Nucleus+ over the network from the other machine, then restart the server software.

No backup restore is involved. When the server is restarted it will find music files and work things out.

Note - If you have deleted any albums or tracks from the database that are still on the drive they will reappear as newly added.

I think you need to do something along the lines of this:

  • Make backups of your current media and database (not to the new drive :slight_smile: )
  • Stop the Roon Server software from web interface
  • Shut down Nucleus and replace the internal 2Tb with the 4TB drive
  • Install the 2Tb disk in a compatible USB disk cabinet (around €30)
  • Power up and initialize the new drive from the web interface
  • Attach the USB disk cabinet
  • Use your desktop to connect to \\ROCK\data\Storage\ where you will find both InternalStorage and the USB Device.
  • Start copying the files
  • When done, start the Roon Server Software from the web interface
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Thank you all for your replies.
I will probably follow @Mikael_Ollars ‘list’ :wink:
I know that the Roon backup is not of my music, but it does have playlists etc., so I would do that also.

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