Migrate from Pi 3 to Pi 4

I just had some network wiring done and will be connecting two of my Ropieee XL endpoints via Ethernet.

I have ordered Pi 4 devices to replace the Pi 3 devices I am currently using simply for the improved ethernet/USB implementation.

Question: can I simply move the SD card from my current Pi 3 devices to the Pi 4 devices or do I need to start afresh with newly flashed SD cards?


For Raspbian OS I know that the bootloader partition needs to be increased in order for it to work on an rpi4. For the unfamiliar, this can be tricky and easily lead to unbootable systems.

Let’s see what @spockfish has to say for RoPieee specifically. Might not be worth the trouble though. Reflashing is quite easy :slight_smile:

Be aware that the RPi3 and RPi4 boards are physically different. I did this recently and had to buy new cases to accommodate the differences in the physical layout. I reflashed by the way.

Hi @Bob_worley

No you can’t. RoPieee uses an optimized kernel for either the 2/3 or 4.
Furthermore there are al sorts of tiny adjustments based on the type of board.

So you need to reflash.



Thanks to all!

I’ll start anew with the Pi 4 devices.


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