Migrate to new NUC before or after 1.8 release?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

NUC D54250WYK ROCK 1.7

Description Of Issue

I’ve just bought a NUC NUC10i7FNH to replace the 7 year old NUC D54250WYK ROCK has been running on. It’s been working fine, but I wanted to start using more DSP and have grown my library somewhat

I was just wondering - should I migrate to the new NUC before or after the release of 1.8?

In other words

  • should I migrate 1.7 to the new NUC and then update to 1.8 on the new NUC?
  • or should I wait for 1.8 and update on the current NUC and then migrate to the new NUC?

Or does it make no difference whatsoever?

It really doesn’t matter which way you you.
If you have everything ready migrate it over the weekend and then on Tuesday get the upgrade in place and start playing with the DSP options
Good luck either way


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The safest way is to migrate before update 1.8.
After the release for 1.8, wait a few days to see the reactions in the forum and only then apply the update (if you do not see major problems reported in the forum).
The risky way is to install update 1.8 at the release date (or even the beta version). In this case, the migration versus update order does not matter.

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